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Welcome to Iko Rush! We welcome you to a beautiful and wild 1925 Alaska where members can join and play Sled dogs and their human companions. But wait thats not all! Members can only play 1 free wild creature during the week of our sign ups! Remember, All new members get 500 silver dollars upon registering their FIRST in character account! Be sure to claim it in your auditions when you create them! With halloween a week away we know its a tad too late to do anything halloween related, BUT, members are welcomed to create threads full of spooky cheer!

10 hours ago by Administrator.
Oct 8. Website is under reconstruction as the skin is being moved from Jcink to MyBB. Information from the old site is being swapped over to the new one! If you are wanting to carry over your character's from the old site, please let a member of staff know!
Oct.23. WE DID IT! We're open! Be sure to share us around with friends and your rp family! Things are about to get fun around here!
Early October Y1     The lands are getting cooler, theres not much to do but watch the herds roll in and begin training for the races! Look out to the north at night as you'll see beautiful colors streak the sky later this week! The temperatures will drop down to nearly 20F this month so be sure to keep warm and get the team some blankets!

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[AW] You're Gonna Miss This
1 year old Domesticated Dog   Female   (Chow)   Death Rate:       Warning Status:       Played by: Sheena    500 Silver Dollars
Well, this was different that much was for sure. After the long trek into town, he had no desire to follow his mistress at the moment. So used to being independent, yet still protective he moved just outside the stables, in the shade of the building. It was one of the things he enjoyed about the shadows, the fact he tended to blend into them. Often frightening his mistress in the night, emerging from them as a silent beast. Here in the shadows though, he watched as she moved down the road to another building, a low huff escaped his vocals. At least he knew where she was, and it was not too far.

Instead, he turned his attention to those passing by in their haste. Dogs and humans alike, as well as humans on horseback. Blue was safely put away in the stables, also exhausted from their long trek. He would stay here, for now, stay here and try to figure out the lay of the land … figure out these strange humans. Oh, how he longed to be back home, but no.... this was to be their home now. Least that was what his mistress had said. Vaguely he wonders if they would like it here if they would fit in. Releasing another huff, he finally allowed his head to drop to his paws where he lay, though those dark brown eyes of his tracked each human that went by.

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