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Niamh's C&P Log - Administrator - 09-06-2021

Niamh's Current Collections
Preset Items: 
  • Compass
    Brass pocket compass, equipped with a lid with glass and viewfinder for checking the direction of where you are. Diameter 4.3 cm - 1.69 inches, thickness 2 cm - 0.78 inches.

  • Cutting knife
    Fixed cutting knife designed with a handle that is made from Stag/Antler with a 5inch blade. This blade is commonly used for hunting, fur skinning and pelting. Entire length of the knife is 8 inches long.


  • Money pouch
    Medium sized leather pouch with a draw string to protect your coins and money. This pouch can hold up to 2lbs worth of coins before the seams start to show signs of weakness. 


Current Perks W.I.Ps

+10 Age Perk (+20 years old)