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Where did all that honor go?? - Mogli - 11-16-2021

The ground was full of frost, it wasn't the greatest of things he wanted to go through today, but well he had to eat. Slumbering through the valley until he got to the creek he huffed a large hot puff of air from his lungs, it billowed into the air like a train passing through at high speeds before disappearing into the unknown. His honey dew eyes combed the waters until he found a break in the ice that was slowly creeping across the top layer of the rivers edge. Carefully the beast squandered his thoughts, should he dare to walk on it? Or simply go straight for the ice waters and not risk the ice tempting his fate? Yea let's go with the water instead. Shoulder blades rose and pitched as his legs carried him into the freezing dull streams just up until his chest grazed the top. oooooo boy that was cold! He could never ever get use to this feeling year round. Slumping his head down he began to stare at the watery depth below....here fishy fishy....
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