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Full Version: Occupation Requests
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Occupations for Characters

Here are some Common occupations that your characters can obtain here on Iko-Rush! If your character has achieved a Buyer Status He/She can buy their own establishment and have it listed on the roaster!

Listed Jobs


Teachers - N/a

Professors - N/a

Historians - N/a

Hard Labor

Fur Traders - N/a

Carpenter - N/A

Fishermen -
@Erwin Macnee
on the Boat, Selkie!

Farmers - N/a

Loggers - N/a

Mine Workers - N/a

Steel Mill Workers - N/a

Region Services

Bounty Hunters- N/a

Post Officers - N/a

Post Runners - N/a

Fire fighters - N/a

Physicians - N/a

Sheriffs - N/a

Rescue Service - N/a

Residential Businesses

The Tavern - N/a

Oldsaw Mill Stables - N/a

FishCreek Cabin - N/a

Sissy's Outfitters - N/a

Farmers Market - N/a

Sweet cane Kennels - N/a

The Outpost - N/a

Sled Team Kennels - N/a

Special Jobs

Breeders - N/a

Veterinarian -
@Althea Dimayuga
at the Vet practice Animal hospital and Urgent care of Iko!

Falconers - N/a

Herbologist - N/a

Zoologist - N/a

Cartographer - N/a

Translater - N/a