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Full Version: Current Races!
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Welcome to the Sled Race quick thread guide! This guide will give you a rundown of which races will be starting and how they will be running for, as well as which trails you and your teams will need to take. We will also list any item you will need beforehand and or the number of sled dogs on your team you MUST have on your lines. 
Current Sled Races: N/A
Upcoming races: Fort Biyon sled dog race
    ❧∙ // 5 dogs are needed for this race, with only 1 team - no pairs for this race!
    ❧∙ // Veterinarian notebook, to be presented to the veterinarian at each checkpoint.
    ❧∙ // Race bibs, Promotional Material, 3 days worth of dog food/resources, and lighting fluids or materials.
    *Proper cold weather sleeping bag & clothing is needed for this race as temperatures in the north drop 20F at night.
    ❧∙ // This race will start off from » (Start) Sully's Tavern » Teshekpuk lake » Arctic Gates (halfway point) » The old Cabin » Fort Biyon (Finish).
    ❧∙ // Exits must be posted after 5 posted rounds each from the teams entering into the races before they can continue to the next location, and repeat.